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Food – Recipes May 26, 2006

Posted by vikata in Food stuff, planning.

Yes, this DOES include drink! Bah! Alcoholics all of you! 😉

We are going to need some idea of how to provision ourselves. There WILL be shops along the way but we may not get everything, best to list and procure all the odd stuff before hand

Please put in any food requests, requirements and recipes you know 🙂 We WON'T have a range cooker (Rue?) but that doesn't mean we have to eat badly.

Here is a site with a few recipes to give you all some inspiration!

Camping Recipes from Razzle Dazzle Recipes (If there is any in three you particularly like, Please post a comment with the full recipe

What’s Aleing You? May 19, 2006

Posted by chickenspud in Food stuff, planning.
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You knew I was going to come up with some mad-cap scheme! Well here it is.

While we are walking the moors I shall be busy popping any hops I come accros into my sack. It is likely to be a bit thin on the ground as the season for hops isn't untill about September but we can try can't we gentlemen.

The idea is, on our return I will brew an ale from these hops. In good time we can gather together again and share in this fine (ahem) wholesome beverage.

New Google Earth file May 19, 2006

Posted by chickenspud in planning, Route.
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For a while I've been collecting interesting places to go to/stay/avoid and putting them into Google Earth. You can find the file here and I'll be updating it from time to time so you can get the latest additions.